United Blockchain
Dollar Network
Vision, 2024
  • Simplified financial instruments create equal opportunities
  • Social stability leads to prosperity
  • Equal opportunities create social stability
UBD — aka United Blockchain Dollar, an algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and also backed by BTC, ETH & stablecoins USDT and DAI, that form the Attractor Reserve.
UBDN — utility token, which allows its owners to support the ecosystem, become Keepers and participate in Epochs to receive monthly rewards in UBD.
Keeper — UBDN token holder of the required amount to participate in Epochs, and also the one who maintains the UBD Network infrastructure.
Epoch — a consecutive 30-day period in which UBDN holders, also known as Keepers, participate to generate rewards.
Round — a consecutive period that lasts while the market is absorbing 1 000 000 UBDN.
Era — a period that includes a certain number of rounds before the Halving occurs.
Halving — special process of reducing the required amount of UBDN for Keepers to participate in Epochs.
Attractor – an independent ecosystem that cannot be changed or reconfigured. Consists of three independently functioning elements: Sandbox 1, Treasury and Sandbox 2, which are on public display 24/7.
DeTrusts - a chain of interacting smart contracts that allows users to create digital trusts to manage funds with completely different scenarios that they choose.
Ever wondered how to pass crypto assets to heirs without expensive legal setups? Or get back assets in case you lose your wallet keys?

According to various estimates, about 20% of all cryptocurrency is lost irretrievably due to loss of access to secret phrases and private keys. And this does not include funds stolen due to hacker attacks.

And even if you reliably protect and store your crypto assets, another big problem is the decentralized transfer of inheritance.

Available services on the market do not satisfy at least one of the principles:

1) Full control over your funds without intermediaries or custodians
2) Flexible configuration of inheritance scenarios and custom transfer conditions (especially delayed entry into inheritance rights due to certain trigger events)
3) Available to the general public, not just very wealthy customers.

Manifesting from these principles, we created the UBD Network DeTrust Platform that intends to become the go-to WEB 3.0 solution for “cold” crypto asset storage, inheritance and protection based on multi-sig technology on Ethereum & L2 networks.
We understand that in such a large market, there are no convenient tools for truly decentralized “cold” & self-controlled way of funds protection and transferring funds to heirs, and in this, we see the need to introduce technology that solves all of the above problems and also provides the opportunity to receive additional rewards.

That is why we provide an opportunity to create DeTrusts for those who know and understand what blockchain is and also want to grow with it, including those with horizons of a couple of decades.
The main goal of UBD Network
Our Challenge
You've heard of tools that help people manage their long-term wealth accumulation plans.

Trusts — are one of those instruments!

And most likely you are confident that the use of such mechanisms is extremely burdensome because it will require a lot of time and money, and is available only to those few who can still understand the huge arrays of complex professional information.

Therefore, the conclusion you make is extremely simple - all this is not for you, because you need to quickly make a large number of critical decisions that leave neither free time nor energy.

As a result, you direct a huge amount of resources to acquire funds, and often simply postpone the solution of safe placement, preservation, and passive multiplication.
The banking industry claims to be able to help solve this problem and offers many related offline products.

But if you want to become their client, then you need a lot of funds and time to go through a series of long-term procedures, and you must also be prepared to risk all your transferred funds and confidentiality.

Not mentioning the fact that it is often enough for banking companies to simply determine the level of your well-being and - if in their opinion it turns out to be insufficient - make a negative decision about you, without opening the door to the world of highly effective financial instruments.

Trusts are based on the legal norms of English law where the fundamental feature of the trust is the transfer of the owner's assets to the trust for management. The owner formally loses ownership and transfers it to a trust, but remains the beneficiary of the assets.

Trusts are used primarily by wealthy people. With the help of trusts, they effectively manage assets, including passing them on by inheritance to heirs avoiding taxes. So-called tax-free inheritance is one of the main reasons to use trusts.

An important feature of this market is that it is not public and there is no open data about it. Experts estimate the total amount of assets managed by trusts at trillions of dollars.

We crave to build DeTrusts for asset protection, storage and inheritance since today's classical trusts exist with some limitations and complexities.

Classical trusts were created to preserve assets for centuries. But today they are outdated, expensive, centralized and poorly suited to the digital era with increasing demand to protect digital assets instead of classical ones and clients who are accustomed to owning and managing their finances themselves, without relying on intermediaries.

We are keen to upgrade this financial instrument, using blockchain technology, and allow its users not to be attached to any jurisdiction!

The UBD Network's keystone is to provide users with transparent asset management tools, since as we have already mentioned above, UBD Network is about the storage, multiplication, and inheritance of digital assets due to technological solutions for the creation of decentralized Trusts.

But before starting a conversation regarding Trusts, we would love to provide you with some comparisons.
List of things you face while creating your trust
  • Proof of origin of capital

  • Investment background check

  • The process takes 2 to 6 months

  • Complex trust structures

  • Lots of conditions

  • The need to select a protector

  • Selecting specific functionality

  • Complex compliance

  • At least $50,000 as a starting fee

Classic trust
  • Transparent rules for capital multiplying

  • Constructor for creating a trust scenario

  • Up to 15 minutes to create your trust without checks and verifications

  • Create trust without time limitations

  • Asset accumulation and receipt according to the conditions created by the user

  • The cost of creating trust is 500 UBD
UBD Network DeTrust
Things you face altering your trust conditions
  • Commission for conditions editing equals $25,000

  • 2 to 6 months to alter your trust conditions

  • Passing inspections and providing confirmations regarding your current status

  • Verification of the origin of funds you have initially deposited to your trust
Classic trust
  • The cost of altering trust conditions is 500 UBD

  • Up to 15 minutes to alter your trust conditions without checks and verifications
UBD Network DeTrust
Things you face altering your trust conditions
  • Creation of trust (assets structuring + receipt of rewards from various sources) equals $50,000

  • Altering terms of trust starts from $25,000 or a new trust creation

  • Maintenance fee (yearly) - from $6,000

  • High success fees of up to 20% of gained capital are fees of the management company
Classic trust
  • Trust creation fees 500 UBD (equals $500)

  • Maintenance monthly fee of 20 UBD (equals $20)
UBD Network DeTrust
Risks every Trust creator is facing
  • Public disclosure of private information

  • Government recognition of the founder of the trust as its sole beneficiary cancels all the benefits of trust creation

  • Deprivation of all funds after tax audits

  • Denial of inheritance

  • Providing false information to heirs and/or the owner of funds

  • Protection of the interests of beneficiaries is provided only by the government court

  • Human / Political and other risk factors
Classic trust
  • Loss of seed phrase and awaiting for transfer period
UBD Network DeTrust
Due to all the above information, we see our goal in creating a completely new type of decentralized trust as a confidential and transparent tool for digital asset managementprotection, storage and inheritance.
– The existing structure of creating and managing trusts is outdated and it needs to update the technological infrastructure;

– Prices for trust creation and operation are so high that not everyone can afford them;

– The jurisdictions in which trusts are created, tighten the regulation of trusts, which creates problems for their beneficiaries.
Current opportunities for technology adoption
The UBDN token serves various purposes:
Payments. In this group of interactions, the coin serves as a medium of exchange: transferring value from one stakeholder to another, in proportion to the mutually agreed upon valuation of their exchange. Payments may include fees for creating the trust, changing the terms of the trust, and fees for commissions.
The UBD Network DeTrust Platform
– is a system of interacting smart contracts that allows users to create digital trusts to manage funds with completely different scenarios that users choose.
To ensure monthly profitability! The assets that are in the created trusts can be placed on intra-trust staking, which brings monthly returns so the DeTrust creators do not lose time and rewards.
Why do we need Trusts on UBD Network?
To protect ourselves from losing access to own funds! If the user is worried that keys to access own funds can be forgotten or lost, he may simply set up a DeTrust with special conditions that will prevent any dismay regarding his funds.
To protect our heirs from irresponsible spending! If you are concerned that your heirs won’t manage your assets responsibly, then you may simply set up conditions for your trust, according to which your heirs won’t have access to your funds but only get payouts according to your conditions.
To anticipate family conflict between heirs! If you are concerned about family infighting over the distribution of assets, you can make provisions in your Trust contract to avoid such conflicts.
To have no worries that you can’t bring changes to your Trust conditions! Users can alter existing Trust as many times as they want or create a new Trust contract.
To have no worries about deprivation or political, and judicial risks! UBD Network is a smart contract that has no jurisdiction. Users are not threatened by information disclosure, inheritance denial, or any other human and political factors. But since the territory in which you as a user reside or are a citizen of a country may set rules for the usage of digital products, you further agree to comply with any applicable laws and regulations when using UBD Network. This includes any local, provincial, state, federal, national, or international laws that may apply to you.
To help the organizations you support! If you share the values of any organizations you follow, you can create a charitable Trust with or without rewards, so the funds will be sent monthly or quarterly, or in any other period that you determine yourself, to selected organizations. This feature is also available when creating a Trust, namely, in the Trust Contract Builder, where you can determine what percentage of your staking or deposit payments you want to send to such organizations on a recurring basis.
These are just some of the ways you can use UBD Network!

UBD Network Web does not transfer any personal or impersonal data to anyone nor local, state, federal, and/or international authorities because UBD Network does not track users or their usage!
UBD Network is a protocol that acts according to the scenario and conditions users set up.
We need you to understand that earning money is an important and integral element of human life, but ensuring the safety of funds is an equally important component.
UBD Network was created not just to provide rewards, but also to ensure the safety of funds through the DeTrust Platform, which is managed by smart contracts on absolutely transparent rules without any intermediaries.

The United Blockchain Dollar, as the main element of the system, that provides its owner with access to the UBD Network Trust system!
UBD Network DeTrust Platform multi-sig WEB 3.0 solution of interacting smart contracts running on the Ethereum & L2 networks and providing the user with a decentralized tool for independent management of their funds without intermediaries
How does the UBD Network work?
In order to ensure the functioning of the ecosystem and interaction with it, the United Blockchain Dollar or UBD was created - an internet bond that is pegged to the US Dollar and is also backed by BTC, ETH, and other stablecoins such as USDT and DAI, which are stored in the UBD Network Attractor.
The second fundamental element of the system is the UBDN token, which allows its owners to support the ecosystem and guarantees monthly rewards in UBD.
UBD Network will be based on the Ethereum ecosystem, and the Keepers will receive rewards without the need to provide their own computing power and process transactions on their infrastructure.

Anyone can become a Keeper and receive UBD for their contribution to the support and security of the UBD Network.

To receive monthly rewards the Keepers must participate in the Epochs.
Epoch is a consecutive 30-day period in which UBDN holders, also known as Keepers participate to generate rewards.
Thus, Keepers need to keep their UBDNs in their wallet during the current Epoch and not move them during the entire Epoch period, namely 30 (thirty) days, to receive rewards for the current Epoch.

The minimum amount of UBDN to participate in Epoch is to be altered by Halving and starts with 1024 UBDN.

It is crucial to store at least 1024 UBDNs in the wallet and not move them from the start until the end of the Epoch!

The amount of UBDN the Keeper needs to participate in an Epoch is getting halved every time Halving occurs.
Round – is a consecutive period that lasts while the market is absorbing 1 000 000 UBDN. The number of rounds is limited by demand. Every new Round UBDN is increasing in price by 1 USD.
Halving – special process of reducing the required amount of UBDN for Keepers to participate in Epochs. UBDN Halving will occur only on 2, 4th, 8th, 16th, 32th, 64th, 128th, 256th, 512th and 1024th Rounds.
Era – is a period that includes a certain number of rounds before the Halving occurs.
Era lasts until every Halving because after each Halving UBD Network faces a new Era of which there are only 11.

UBDN amount to participate in Epochs is reduced only upon reaching the represented Eras and Rounds
The minimum balance of UBDN on the wallet required to participate in the starting Epoch is 1024 UBDN.
How is the rewards distributed at the end of Epoch?
UBD Network profit during the Epoch / 2

UBD Network has generated 100,000 UBD profit during the Epoch. 50,000 UBD goes to Keepers. There are 50 UBDN token holders, and only 30 of them have participated in the current epoch.
So 50,000 UBD is to be distributed among these wallets. In total, there are 3.546.550 tokens in 30 wallets. 50000 / 3546550 = 0.01409821 for each token. If there are 25791 tokens on the wallet, the Keeper receives $363.606886 for the Epoch that has passed. The amount of UBDNs that have participated in the current Epoch Calculation Formula
the amount of UBDNs that have participated in the current Epoch
Calculation Formula
UBD Network ecosystem has staking!
You already know that the United Blockchain Dollar (UBD) is an internet bond pegged to the US dollar, and is also backed by BTC, ETH, and stablecoins, namely USDT and DAI, which are stored in the Attractor.

It should be noted that UBD is the world’s first decentralized stablecoin with its own staking.

It is quite difficult to understand where different organizations get funds from to pay rewards to users, and given last year's crises caused by the human factors involved in the management of such companies, it is getting clear that all these risks are too high to continue entrusting the management of funds to these types of platforms.

That is why the United Blockchain Dollar offers transparent staking conditions, which are controlled by a fixed blockchain algorithm that cannot be changed because the staking system is not controlled by any person who depends on mood, weather, someone, or something, but decentralized algorithm.

Creating your stake is as easy as getting monthly payouts from the automatic reward system, also UBD is available to anyone without restrictions.

The United Blockchain Dollar does not require any minimum amount to create your stake, you can start with as little as 1 UBD, it also does not require any lock-up periods, which simply means that users won't have to worry about whether they will be able to withdraw their funds ahead of time without penalty.

The user simply keeps UBD at stake and the longer they are kept there, the higher the interest rate and the yield.

The interest rate is always tied to the period the user holds funds at the stake and the amount that he deposited.

So make sure you accumulate not only UBD but also the holding time of your funds to increase your APY.

You have the right to unstake your UBDs at any time and receive the earned funds, but in this case, you lose the time that was supporting your interest rate and the rate itself.

Another thing that makes our users happy is the compound interest, which simply helps to multiply funds, and this is without taking into account the fact that staking with UBD can bring up to 10.5% APY.
UBD Staking Reward System
For example

Peter stakes 10, 000 UBD and does not touch it for a year. In a year he gets the 6,25% rate. Peter wants to increase his staking rate, in this case, he adds 90, 000 UBD and gets a 6,75% rate for his stake. He was not touching his funds for four more years, this helped him to receive a 7,5% rate on his funds.
After 5 years of staking his funds, he decides to withdraw some funds or all of them. In this case, he takes the amount he needs without any losses, profit only. The only thing he lost is the time period that was responsible for his percentage rate. The next time he needs to start his stake from the bottom.
Before staking, it is important to learn all the staking conditions and rules!
Bugs in smart contracts, security vulnerabilities, various kinds of defects, and shortcomings in solutions that offer profitability for owners of crypto assets have been easy prey during the last couple of years for computer geniuses who do not want to play by the rules.
How to store UBD and UBDN?
By the end of 2022, about $3 billion had been stolen by hackers.
Malicious attacks remain a big blockchain problem that spills over from year to year, the only thing that changes is the direction the hackers take.

As the analytical data shows, until 2020, centralized exchanges were the main target of hackers.

However, over time, hackers switched to DeFi, as a result, in 2022, almost all attacks were directed at decentralized finance, where, for example, they illegally received $ 1.92 billion from cross-chain bridge hacks, which is 64% of all stolen funds of that year.

That is why UBD Network sees high risks in transferring digital assets to third-party services, even generally recognized ones, that guarantee profitability, and also encourage you to keep your funds only with yourself, no matter how sweet the offers of profitability are after you move your funds from your wallet.

We understand that Bitcoin or any other asset that you have won’t give you rewards sitting idle in your wallet, it can only grow in price, and at the same time, while the market is full of offers that crave your assets to make money themselves and earn some for you, however, majority of us do not often realize that behind the rewards opportunity in such offers is the risk of losing funds, even if the offer comes from serious companies.
Therefore, for our users we have implemented one of the main UBD Network rules - Hold and Gain, according to which the user should always keep his assets in the wallet and never transfer them to anyone, and our special UBD Network Algorithm monitors whether the funds have been moving or not.

This simplifies usability for users and significantly increases the level of security of funds, reducing the risk of possible attacks many times over.
After the market experienced several strong blows, one of the ideas that the crypto community has raised was the Proof-of-Reserves concept.

The proof-of-reserves concept was introduced to assure users that a particular custodian is holding clients' funds in full.

What is really interesting is that centralized organizations were the first who started to talk about the Proof-of-Reserves concept as a unique solution that solves all problems and prevents future crises, although at the same time, the same centralized companies indicate the funds they issue themselves, wrap, and manage – as their reserve instruments, and this is not even mentioning the fact that human factors are involved into the management of this concept at their companies.

Everyone is well aware of the level of problems that this kind of situation can lead to, and until new cracks showed up on the market face, UBD Network offers the real tool that eliminates not only the human factor but also the concept of “fake reserves”.
Attractor & Real
Proof-of -Reserves Model
The Attractor of UBD Network is unique & independent of any external factors ecosystem that cannot be changed or reconfigured, and also includes three independently functioning elements: the Sandbox 1, the Treasury, and the Sandbox 2.
  • UBD issuance after accepting the same amount of USDT

  • Granting 1% of its funds (USDT) for a daily purchase of ETH & BTC

  • Delivering daily purchases to the Treasury

  • UBD/USDT interchange

  • Burning UBD after USDT withdrawal
Sandbox 1 is responsible for
  • Accepting and keeping the amount of ETH & BTC in a 50/50 equivalent

  • Granting 1/3 of its funds to purchase DAI, once Backing Reserve and the amount of issued UBD reaches the ratio of 3:1

  • Delivering the purchased DAI to the Sandbox 2

  • Selling ETH & BTC to refill Sandbox 1 in case there are not enough funds to provide UBD to USDT exchange
Treasury is
responsible for
  • Accepting and keeping DAI

  • Granting 1% of its funds for a daily purchase of ETH & BTC, once Backing Reserve and the amount of issued UBD reaches the ratio of 0,5:1

  • Delivering daily purchases to the Treasury

  • Stops granting 1% of its funds for a daily purchase of ETH & BTC, once Backing Reserve and the amount of issued UBD reaches the ratio of 1:1
Sandbox 2 is responsible for
Eventually, the amount of funds in the Sandbox 1 and the Treasury tend to be equal to or exceed the amount of issued UBD, while Sandbox 2 serves as a stabilization fund, which enters into work only when it is necessary to align the ratio.

Such system makes it possible to implement the real proof-of-reserves mechanism since its goal is to have the real backing for UBD and tend to 1:1 pegging, which the community truly deserves since the main feature of the UBD Network Attractor is its transparency for everyone so users see live changes that are happening both in the blockchain and in the chart 24/7 without any limitations.
Why so? Because
UBD Network is a multifunctioning system that covers all the needs of today’s market through the elimination of all threats that have created and keep on creating crises that shake the whole industry.
- United Blockchain Dollar is an algorithmic stable coin that is pegged to the United States Dollar, is backed with Bitcoin, Ethereum & some stables;
— UBD Network offers clear and transparent staking conditions which are available to any person without limitations, and does not require any minimum amount to start or any lock-up periods, still giving up to 10,5% APY while everything is managed by fixed and transparent algorithm;
— The Attractor is a unique ecosystem that is independent of any external factors, it cannot be changed or reconfigured, and also includes three independently functioning elements: the Sandbox 1, the Treasury, and the Sandbox 2 which are transparent and available for everyone so users see live changes that are happening both in the blockchain and the chart 24/7 without any limitations;
— UBD Network uses the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus model to provide the operation of the system since it requires everyday maintenance such as trusts & transactions validation and for this rewarding UBD Network Validators with a fixed monthly rewards of 50% of the UBD Network rewards that comes from Trust maintenance fees & Transaction validation for the contribution to UBD Network security;
— UBD Network is created to provide security to users’ funds through the Trust System – the system of interacting smart contracts that allow users to create digital Trusts for managing their funds with completely different scenarios they can create or alter as much as they need by themselves on absolutely clear and transparent rules without any middleman so their crypto is not getting lost.
— UBD Network is created to provide security to users’ funds through the Trust System – the system of interacting smart contracts that allow users to create digital Trusts for managing their funds with completely different scenarios they can create or alter as much as they need by themselves on absolutely clear and transparent rules without any middleman so their crypto is not getting lost.
We do understand that UBD Network is a multi-faceted system and it has more than a dozen reasons for its usage to tackle such issues as: human factors involvement, fake proof-of-reserves, lost funds, etc.

This is why we would love everyone to realize that since its first day, UBD Network has stood for decentralization where all threats to digital asset owners are excluded.
Our Roadmap
Please read the entirety of this “disclaimer” section carefully.
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  3. you acknowledge, understand, and agree that UBD Network tokens may have no value, there is no guarantee or representation of value or liquidity for UBD Network token, and UBD Network token is not an investment product including for any speculative investment;
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Token features: The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of the UBD Network Platform (UBD/UBDN tokens) is a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the protocol/code of the UBD Network Platform, designed to play a major role in the functioning of the UBD Network ecosystem, and intended to be used solely as the primary utility token on the platform.

UBD Network tokens are non-refundable functional utility tokens that will be used as the medium of exchange between participants on the UBD Network Platform.

The goal of introducing the UBD Network token is to provide a convenient and secure mode of work within the ecosystem on the UBD Network.

UBD Network tokens do not in any way represent any shareholding, participation, right, title, or interest in the UBD Network, their respective affiliates, or any other company, enterprise, or undertaking, nor will UBD Network tokens entitle token holders to any promise of fees, dividends, revenue, profits or investment returns. UBD Network tokens may only be used on the UBD Network Platform, and ownership of UBD Network tokens carries no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use UBD Network tokens as a means to enable usage of and interaction within the UBD Network Platform.

As a decentralized network, the UBD Network relies on various participants to provide resources for network maintenance, and so UBD Network tokens will be used as the medium of exchange to quantify and pay the costs of the consumed resources.

UBD Network tokens are an integral and indispensable part of the UBD Network Platform because without UBD Network tokens, there would be no incentive for users to expend resources to participate in activities or provide services for the benefit of the entire ecosystem on the UBD Network Platform.

Users of the UBD Network Platform and/or holders of UBD Network tokens who did not actively participate will not receive any UBD Network token incentives.

UBD Network tokens would have the following features:

  1. pay within the ecosystem for various services, such as trust contract creation and monthly trust fees;
  2. keep amount of tokens as a pool and run a validating node (providing computational resources to validate information/produce blocks) as part of the network by participating in the staking process;

Disclaimers relating to the UBD and UBDN tokens: It is expressly highlighted that UBD and UBDN tokens

  1. do not have any tangible or physical manifestation, and does not have any intrinsic value (nor does any person make any representation or give any commitment as to its value);
  2. are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash;
  3. are not intended to represent any rights under a contract for differences or any other contract the purpose or pretended purpose of which is to secure a profit or avoid a loss;
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The contributions will be held by the UBD Network after the token sale, and contributors will have no economic or legal right over or beneficial interest in these contributions or the assets of that entity after the token sale.

Informational purposes only: The information set out herein is only conceptual, and describes the future development goals for the UBD Network to be developed. In particular, the project roadmap in the Whitepaper is being shared to outline some of the plans of the UBD Network, and is provided solely for informational purposes and does not constitute any binding commitment.

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Users must accept and fully understand the fact of possible risks:

  • Users must accept and fully understand that they are the only one who bears full responsibility for storing their private keys and any mnemonic (backup) phrase associated with those keys in a safe place where you can recover them; otherwise, they risk losing control over any and all digital assets that are associated with those private keys, forever.
  • Users acknowledge and agree that information associated with their UBD Network account can be lost and UBD Network Web may not be able to restore it. Since UBD Network Web does not have the user's private keys. UBD Network will not be able to decrypt any data associated with your security keys.
  • Users acknowledge and agree that they shall assume all responsibility for interaction with Smart Contracts and Trust Contracts, Trust Terms, and its change, cancelation, or alteration since Trusts can be controlled only by the one who creates it.
  • Each user accepts that he is the only one who is responsible for his transaction details to transfer digital assets and accept the fact that transactions can’t be canceled and in case of wrong transaction details (address), funds will be lost forever.
  • Every user of the UBD Network system understands that he is the only one who is responsible before his local, state, federal, and/or international tax laws and tax authorities for his assets and rewards including his digital funds.
  • Users accept and fully understand that if UBD Network infrastructure stop working it may suspend the operation of the whole system so assets could be temporarily frozen.
  • Users acknowledge and agree that UBD Network is not responsible for the risk of a third party, for example, if Ethereum infrastructure fails or if Bitcoin or any other coin that provides UBD Network liquidity or UBD Reserve ceases to exist, it may terminate UBD Network operation and all assets will be temporarily blocked or lost forever.
  • Users acknowledge and agree that UBD Network is not responsible for the risk of the high volatility of Bitcoin or any other coin that provides UBD Network liquidity since it may terminate UBD Network operation and all assets can be blocked for an unknown period of time.
  • Users acknowledge and agree that UBD Network is free of its responsibilities in case of any force majeure events such as natural events, political and special events, economic and financial events, infrastructure, and any other superior or irresistible forces, that may terminate UBD Network operation and as a result, block all assets temporary or forever.

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Notice and Disclaimer
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You don’t have the right and shouldn’t buy tokens if you are a citizen or resident (tax or otherwise) of any country or territory where transactions with digital tokens and/or digital currencies are prohibited or in any other manner restricted by applicable laws. (“Person” is generally defined as a natural person residing in the relevant state or any entity organized or incorporated under the laws of the relevant state). Purchased tokens cannot be offered or distributed as well as cannot be resold or otherwise alienated by their holders to mentioned persons. It is your sole responsibility to establish, by consulting (if necessary) your legal, tax, accounting or other professional advisors, what requirements and limitations, if any, apply to your particular jurisdiction, and ensure that you have observed and complied with all restrictions, at your own expense and without liability to Project.
Token legal limitations
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