Become a key part of the UBD Network ecosystem and grow with it while receiving rewards
UBDN Keepers receive 50% of maintenance fees paid by deTrust users and 50% of all commissions paid when converting UBD coin
Who are the keepers?
UBDN holder of the required amount (Node Holder) to participate in Epochs, and also the one who maintains the UBD Network infrastructure
Provide Liquidity
Validate the Ecosystem
Receive rewards
in UBD
UBDN is a tool that generates reward from the operation of the UBD Network ecosystem.
50% of UBD Network profit that comes from Trust maintenance and UBD transaction fees to be shared between epoch participants.
I'am down!
Epoch is a 30 days consecutive period in which UBDN holders participate to get rewards.
Claim your UBDNs before new Epoch starts since It requires full period participation (Day 1 – Day 30)
Keep your UBDNs in your wallets during the current Epoch and don’t move them to get rewards
Minimum amount of UBDN to participate in Epoch to be altered by Halving and starts with 1024 UBDN
UBD Network reward is shared between UBDN holders
Epoch based rewards
The larger amount of UBDN in the wallets the higher reward
Halving model
Amount of UBDN that allows to participate in Epochs is cutting in half by Halving model that is based on finite decreasing GP with denominator 2
UBDN Halving will occur only on 2, 4th, 8th, 16th, 32th, 64th, 128th, 256th, 512th and 1024th Round
Price increasing
Every new Round UBDN is increasing in price by 1 USDT
What is era
Era is a consecutive period that lasts while the market is absorbing 1 000 000 UBDN
Right after the swap, UBDN smart contract initiates 90 day lock up period, the only lockup you ever meet on your path, that helps to prepare tokenholders to the Epoch participation and protect the market.
Claim your unlocked UBDNs 90 days after the swap and transfer it to your personal wallets to activate the awaiting mode of UBDNs that will participate in the coming Epoch.
Claim unlocked UBDNs 90 days after the swap and transfer it to personal wallet for awaiting mode of UBDNs that will participate in the coming Epoch to be activated.
Keep activated UBDNs in personal wallet and never move them during the current Epoch to receive passive reward from it.
Withdraw your UBDNs anytime, we do not require LockUps to provide our token holders with regular rewards.
Active Era
5 000 000 UBDN
Active Epoch
Distributed amount
Token allocation
Use of funds
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