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UBDN DeTrust: Crypto assets protection

UBDN DeTrusts

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, securing digital assets has become a paramount concern for investors and users alike.
The fear of losing access to one’s crypto assets due to misplaced or forgotten keys or seed phrases is a legitimate and common worry.
UBDN DeTrust Protocol offers an innovative solution to this issue, emphasizing the importance of asset protection in the volatile realm of digital currencies.
The UBDN platform is designed to safeguard your investments, ensuring that the loss of access keys or seed phrases doesn’t spell disaster for your digital wealth.
In this article, we will delve into how UBDN #DeTrust is revolutionizing the approach to crypto asset protection, providing users with the tools and strategies necessary to secure their investments against the unforeseen circumstance of losing their keys or seed phrases.

How to protect yourself

Let’s imagine a simple situation that can happen to absolutely every crypto native user:
Some time ago you created a crypto wallet and long ago forgot where you wrote down your seed phrase, or where you stored your private key.
Imagine this: one day, an unexpected event occurs. Maybe you lose your wallet, the laptop that held access to your wallet, or experience some other unfortunate twist of fate, resulting in the loss of all your crypto assets, or more accurately, losing access to them.
How can you safeguard yourself against such predicaments and ensure your crypto assets remain protected, even if you lose access to your wallet?
For this very reason, our team has created the world’s first DeTrust Protocol, designed to prevent both new and seasoned crypto users from losing their funds.

How does it work?

The way our protocol works is incredibly simple. You create a Decentralized Trust managed by smart contracts and create a signature.
Imagine this scenario: if there’s no activity with the funds in your wallet for a few months, they automatically shift to a backup wallet you’ve set up. This strategy acts as a safety net, protecting you from losing your funds.
But the best part of it — you will also have the opportunity to create additional revenue through staking and external yield services like Lido, AAVE, Compound, etc., with which we will have integration in the near future.
In other words, the main advantages of the DeTrust system and UBDN protocol are:
You can shield oneself from the risk of losing access to personal funds, users have the option to establish a trust under precise terms. This arrangement acts as a safeguard against concerns over losing or misplacing the necessary keys to access one’s funds, offering peace of mind and security.
And also the guarantee consistent monthly earnings, assets within the created trusts can be allocated for intra-trust staking. This method generates monthly income, ensuring that the creators of the trusts benefit from continual rewards without delay.

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